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American made custom baseball gloves are back.  What started out as an idea to return to our roots of making custom gloves here in the states has turned into so much more.  For the Custom Made in USA Series we did not go back to the factory style of production but instead a true shop, similar to the blacksmith shops of yesteryear.  This series of gloves are created one at a time, each under the careful direction of our head glove designer.  Because of the scale of this operation we are able to add details we just couldn’t before.  Variable Split Shells, Lace-Free linings, and Step-Laced Fingers are all standard in the Custom Made in USA Series.  Our goal each day is to make just a few meticulously constructed ball gloves.  We realize we are producing a special product one that should not be rushed or mass produced.

Custom Made in USA Features: Custom Made in USA Specifications:
  • Choice of Patterns

  • Choice of Webs

  • Choice of Back Designs

  • Choice of Leather

  • Lining Leather Choices

  • Choice of Welt Color

  • Choice of Lace Color

  • Choice of Index Finger Pad

  • Choice of Labels

  • Embroidered Name on the Thumb

  • Variable Split Shell

  • Lace-Free Lining

  • Seamless Leather Palm Pad

  • Step Laced Fingers

  • Leather-All Linings

  • Pro Player Patterns

  • Steerhide Shell Leather

  • 1/4" Rawhide Lacing in the Webs & Finger Tops

  • Long Lace

  • Bend Cut Steerhide Shell

  • Made in USA


You can order a Custom Made in USA at the site below:
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